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Hier vindt u verschillende publicaties met betrekking tot KP producten. U kunt de publicaties downloaden in .PDF

1) G-VIR® performances concerning the reduction of the transmitted viral load in case of percutaneous accidents have been demonstrated and published in :

Journal of Hospital Infection, 2007, Vol 66, 339-345 :
Standardization of needlestick injury and evaluation of a novel virus-inhibiting protective glove.
by Krikorian R, Lozach-Perlant A, Ferrier-Rembert A, Hoerner P, Sonntag P, Garin D, Crance J-M.

Journal of Medical Virology, 2003, Vol 69, 538-545 :
Virus-inhibiting surgical glove to reduce the risk of infection by enveloped viruses
by Bricout F, Moraillon A, Sonntag P, Hoerner P, Blackwelder W, Plotkin S.

2) The G-VIR® "dynamic" mecanism, which concentrates and squirts out the disinfecting liquid in case of perforation, has been published in :

Nature Materials, 2004, Vol 3, 311-315 :
Biocide squirting from an elastomeric tri-layer film
by Sonntag P, Hoerner P, Cheymol A , Argy G ,Riess G , Reiter G.

3) A clinical study, realized on 100 patients, evaluated the tolerance, ergonomics and G-VIR® barrier value in real conditions. The results have been published in :

Swiss Medical Weekly, 2008, 138, 18-22 :
First clinical study of a new virus-inhibiting surgical glove
by Caillot J-L, Voiglio E.

KP-Tape market quality survey, an independant study on use of the different brands of coverslipping film in the Dutch market showing the difference in quality and long-term storage of different brands of coverslipping film, used on automated coverslippers, showing the superior quality of KP-Tape / coverslipping film over other brands: KP-Tape quality Market Survey